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Terraplane Blues

A finished Robert Johnson’s Crossroads Pendant in silver on gold, pictured here with an original 1932 Hudson

Skull Symbol and the Skull Jewelry

Our Fascination with the mystery of death, makes it impossible to remain indifferent to the sight of

Working on a Pair of Aluna Seahorse Earrings

Working on a pair of Aluna (Theb Great Mother) silver seahorse earrings in silver which will be

Crossroads Pendant

Assembling the different parts for the new Crossroads Pendant which will be part of my unique Rock

The making of the Crossroads Ring and Pandant

Our Homage to Robert Johnson and the Delta Blues and all of the wandering spirits out there.

New Doors of Perception Pendant

Art as a mediator can use metaphors and symbolism that can be interpreted in many ways according