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Always remember your inner strength!
The engraving in Latin on the ring says “Omnia mea mecum porto” meaning “I carry all my things with me”. This sentence adopted and translated from Greek by the Roman politician and philosopher Cicero, means that spiritual values as well as our strength are always with us even if we have lost all our earthly possesions.

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The Omnia Ring
Always remember your inner strength!

The engraving in Latin on the ring says “Omnia mea mecum porto” meaning “I carry all my things with me”. The origin of this brilliant concept came from the writings of the orator and philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero . Like many other events his anecdotes reveal to us fascinating stories that would have been forgotten without his meticulous documentation.

Here’s the story :

When the small ancient Greek city of Priene (an ancient Greek city in the region of Ionia which was part of the shores and islands of the Aegean Sea) was conquered by the Persian army under the reign of King Cyrus “The Elder”, they allowed the citizens to leave the city and take their possessions except their horses, carriages or any other means of transportations. The people fled , and carried whatever they could carry with them. According to Cicero at one point , one of the Persian soldiers noticed Bias, who was one of the Seven Sages of ancient Greece known also as the Seven Wise Men.
Bias was also the governor of the city, and the soldier discovered that he carried nothing with him. “Old man!” , said the soldier “Where are all your belongings, you’ve been living so long and yet, haven’t gained anything in your life?”
Bias lifted his walking stick and pointed in to his forehead” and replied “”Omnia mea mecum porto”- “I carry all my things with me”.

The meaning of this was that his great wealth was a spiritual , an intellectual wealth, an intangible knowledge and wisdom which has no expression in the material realm.
This brilliant concept claims that any material possession that we try to gain through our life time can be gone at once while the spiritual knowledge and our knowledge and wisdom will always be in our possession and they are the source of our inner strength.

Another similar anecdote might have taken place in 1882 , when the famous Irish writer Oscar Wilde visited the USA and was asked by the Customs Control in New York, “Do you have anything to declare about?” he replied ” I have nothing to declare but my genius”.

The ring bears the engravings of both the “Omnia” quotation and another one by Cicero: “Dum Spiro Spero” –”While I breathe I hope”
The Lion and the Achanthus flower are accurate replica of the motifs which were taken from the Temple of Athena, in the sanctuary of Athena; built on a high terrace near the middle of the city of Priene.
The Acanthus leaf motif represented renewal, longevity and the cyclical nature of life.
The abilities and power that lies within the human mind and spirit are almost endless, however the quest for power or what we humans perceive as “power” has almost always been a journey to the material realm by individuals seeking for wealth, “victorious” wars, ,fame and glory . The tendency to forget the transience nature of reality and our longing to lean on fictional wings that will carry us to fame and fortune are nothing but a hindrance that keeps us from the simple truth- Our inner strength and true potential always exists within us…

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