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The Black Swan symbol bears one of the most important concepts ever.
It is not just a key to wisdom gained through endless lifetimes, but also a key for survival.


The Black Swan symbol bears one of the most important concepts ever.

It is not just a key to wisdom gained through endless lifetimes, but also a key for survival.

In the sixteenth century London, the phrase “black swan” was a common expression. At that time, the black swan was presumed not to exist. Everyone knew swans were white because no one has ever seen a black one. A black swan was impossible or nonexistent and the term came to mean something far-fetched and unreal.

In 1636, a Dutch explorer discovered nomadic, red-billed black swans in Western Australia.

The meaning of the term changed to indicate that a perceived impossibility might later be disproven.

The importance of that story lies in our very basic human tendency to base our conclusions and our systems of belief on what is familiar and known.

The black swan occurrence illustrates the great fragility of our learning system and our capacity to predict future events. 

In his book “Fooled By Randomness”, Nassim Nicholas Taleb introduced the Black Swan concept in connection with financial events. Later, in his book “The Black Swan” he extended the metaphor to events outside of financial markets.

According to Taleb, “Black Swan events” have three characteristics:

First, the black swan event is rare and comes as a surprise.  Nothing in our past experience can prepare us for what is coming. Most people and all the statistics will call it impossible, or a million-to-one chance.

Second, it has a major impact. Examples of that would be 9/11, the First World War, a tsunami or earthquake or the invention of the Internet. The Black Swan event is not only surprising and unpredictable but it also big and can overshadow all other factors.

Third, in spite of those events being unpredictable, people will try to come up with a retrospective explanation for their occurrence. In hindsight, our human nature makes us try to construct a sensible story and act as if those events were explicable all along.

The importance of the black swan concept lies in the simple fact that most of us are completely ignorant of the future, but at the same time constantly making assumptions based on what we do know, when in fact, the events that dominate history, are the black swan events – and they are usually taking us by surprise, showing us our blindness and ignorance.

The Black Swan jewelry line came to life in order to be used as a reminder of caution.

One must understand that Black Swan events or as a matter of fact any threatening experience that left you alive is a source of information for you, the organism. It is a powerful way for adaptation and survival.

Black swan events that took by storm nations, businesses or individuals and left casualties are also a (perhaps brutal) source of information for survival.

In a way, our comfort zone is the enemy. It is not just a source for mediocracy, but also a dangerous path that can lead us to our own demise.

It is a known fact that oil companies spend a fortune while conducting endless experiments on their rafts of oil that they place in the oceans.

They place the raft in a huge pool and expose it to huge waves, sub-currents, simulations of tsunamis, storms and winds in order to make sure that it will last and survive the forces of nature.

The oil companies believe that natural disasters, geopolitical mayhem, and financial disasters are their black swan, but they tend to ignore the fact that their Black Swan, will be the day humanity will find another source of energy for the masses.

The symbols and metaphors are hidden on this website

Embrace the Black Swan as a symbol of knowledge.

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