Working on a Pair of Aluna Seahorse Earrings

Working on a pair of Aluna (Theb Great Mother) silver seahorse earrings in silver which will be set with sapphires and pearls.

This design is dedicated to the Great Mother-the one who suspends and provides life to this planet.

The one that was known to the ancient indigenous Jaguar/Kogi tribe of the pre -Columbian era as Aluna. This is a powerful symbol of balance, conscious existence, survival and prosperity.

Though we see ourselves as an advanced society with our toothpaste,  smartphones and hydrogen bombs we are nothing but infants with destructive tendencies.

It is not us with our technological addictions. It is The Kogi tribe -one of the most advanced societies living today, and probably the last direct descendants of the pre-Columbian culture of central and South America.

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