Crossroads Pendant

Assembling the different parts for the new Crossroads Pendant which will be part of my unique Rock and Roll jewelry line.

This pendant will be available on Thursday. The central symbol is the “veve” of the Haitian Voodoo deity, Papa Legba, the guardian of the Crossroads. Iv’e added the signs of highway 61 and highway 49 and the symbols of the Sun and the Moon for midnight. After that I will engrave the lyrics of Robert Johnson on the outer frame. The story of Robert Johnson and the legend about the way he sold his soul to the devil has been told time and again – the conservative society, treated people like Johnson who sang the secular blues as sinners, not to mention his wild nomadic life, it’s easy to realize that the whole “devil theme” was actually the fact that he was a black sheep, someone with passion who didn’t fit in the “normal” crowd. When you listen to his music and lyrics, they project a different attitude and different style from the other Delta Blues artists. That is the reason that almost more than 20 years after his death, when his recordings came out they simply changed the music scene entirely, creating a huge impact on both sides of the Atlantic. It is always people with passion, those crazy outsiders who actually change the world. The Crossroads Ring is the symbol of the outsider, of the spirit of adventure, the spirit of passion roaming endlessly …

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